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Paint this image with  4 colors!


"Kale" Photo Reference

After each class, I load an image of what I painted into Dropbox for your reference, so you can clearly see what I've completed.
When you're done painting your lesson, take a picture and send it to me so I can load in into Dropbox, and at the next zoom class we can work together with a critique on how to progress.

Project Oriented Class

Paint this guided project via YouTube Live.

$110.00 payable to 
Guy Magallanes

620 Taylor Way #2

San Carlos, CA 94070

"Kale" Project

Paint this project at your leisure or LIVE

This Project Starts November 11th at 9am

You will receive a dropbox folder containing a printable photo reference and line drawing for this project.


Live Classes start November 11 - at 9am every Friday till we finish on Zoom - and then saved as a YouTube video

You get all of the YouTube videos to complete this project, you may replay the YouTube video whenever you want.

List of Materials:

I'll be using a 1/4 sheet of Arches 300lb cold Pressed Paper.

Colors Needed:

Winsor & Newton
Transparent Yellow

Permanent Rose


Thalo Blue


Bright Rose

Brushes Needed:

KingArt Premium Original Gold Series 9020 Max Round

12, 6 (4 of the #12 rounds - one for each color and one for water)

California Art Supply Co. Has these brushes on hand

Rosemary & Co. Sable Blend Series 402 #12 or #14 Round

Scrubber Brush 1/8 Connoisseur Taklon Scrubber 066

Additional Materials Needed:

Spray Bottle filled with water

Incredible White Mask Liquid Frisket by Grafix

Wooden Nib (sharpen a wooden dowel)

Fineline Applicator gauge #20

Rubber Cement Pick-up Eraser

Mechanical Pencil

Red Ball Point Pen

Graphite paper NO WAX I use Saral

Kneadable Eraser

Water Container

Palette for Colors or cups, or dishes

Viva Paper Towels

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