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Leonard and Marina Campos


While painting, I feel the warmth and strength from my Grandparents. Influenced by my Grandma - I paint images of landscapes and flowers, but with heightened exaggeration for drama's sake by my Grandfathers influence. I paint the ordinary, but express how I see it - full of life, each having a unique story to be shared.


My Grandparents had a huge influence on my character.

My Grandmother gave me the gift of consistency, while my Granfather modeled innovation and wonderment. They taught me the wonder-filled cycle of life. Tending the soil, sowing seeds, managing your garden, harvesting and then eating and sharing what you've nurtured.


Grandma taught me to look for the surprises and regularity that each season brings. When not in her garden she could be found in the kitchen making meals from scratch using a lot of ingredients right from the garden. Not only did she crochet and knit amazing bedspreads, curtains, sheet and pillowcase edgings and special garments she also painted - with watercolors and oil.


Grandpa always found new uses for anything he came across. His garage was filled with the 'treasures' he collected which he used to create his inventions, making his house a home. An avid storyteller he made his adventures even more colorful each time they were retold. Favorite times were shared scavenging worksites and the "dumps". What an eye he had.


We shared meals at a table where family history fed my imagination and soul and homemade meals were served to feed the senses and body.


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