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This is an image of the Wet on Wet Workshop which was a prelude to the image I taught in Oklahoma, and all over Texas. So good to prepare with students.


It gives me great joy seeing students go beyond what they thought they were capable of painting.

Want to enjoy watercolor in a safe, relaxing and creative environment? Come paint with me and my students.

Guy encourages you to experience the fundamentals of watercolor for a better understanding of how this exciting medium can be challenging and fun. He instructs with clear, easy to follow demonstrations, helpful critique and all of his experience. Learn his process and how he plans his projects. He explains how he anticipates problem areas and how he resolves and/or responds to them making the painting process less stressful while building your confidence and experience.


Working with large groups of students at all levels of painting experience is a fun challenge; Guy makes a creative space for all so everyone leaves learning something about themselves and enriching their artistic experience.


"It gives me such a kick to see students have an aha moment, finish an image they are proud of, and even an image that they aren't happy with! The images you're not happy with have an important message and reinforce the painting process and what not to do. I always show how to fix an image that has gotten away from what you intended and to paint what you've given yourself. You'll have a much better time painting than making it happen and you will surpise yourself with a better painting.


"It's ok to be afraid! You know you're alive - just don't let that stop you from painting and learning."


Here's a list Materials that I use



Below is the basic list of colors that I use. While different images require extra colors this is my basic color palette. Most of these colors are transparent or semi transparent. I do use other manufacturer's colors but not often - if I'm using anything different from the list below, I make note of the color and why.


Winsor & Newton

Permanent Rose (warm yummy glow)

Quinacridone Magenta (tends to the cool side and moves to a darker value)

Quinacridone Red (yummy deep warm red)

Winsor Orange - red shade (so punchy and bright)

Transparent Yellow Series 1A (bright clear yellow)

Quinacridone Gold (rich and warm)

Burnt Sienna (great earth tone on the red/orange shade)

Sepia (wonderful greenish - brownish earth tone with lots of grain for texture)

Hooker's Green (very staining)

Winsor Greeen blue shade (bright, vibrant and moves to a dark value)

French Ultramarine (bright, vibrant blue with lots of grain)

Indathrene Blue (love the brightness even when used dark)

Indigo (love the dark but hard to get smooth)

Neutral Tint (I use this if I need a super dark but mix it with other colors)


Thalo Blue both Academy or the Finest (magical color)

Daniel Smith

Pyrrol TRANSPARENT orange - Bright deep orange


Bright Rose - Gorgeous bright pink opaque



Below is a list of the brushes that I use all the time. I do have other brushes I use, if I'm using different brushes for a certain project I will make note of it on the project. I also have a set of brushes for yellows, reds, and darks and a brush that I use just for water for softening edges or getting the paper wet.


KingArt Max Round, Original Gold Series 9020
(Make sure you're ordering the Max Round Series 9020) It has a better point.

My favorite brushes & inexpensive

12, 6 (4 of the #12 rounds - one each for Yellow, Reds, Blues/Greens/Black and one for water)

To order online go to:

Rosemary & Co

12 or 14 Red Sable Blend Series 402

To order online go to:


Princeton Art & Brush Co.

Series 4050
1 1/2 inch Angled Flat Wash Brush


Paper - I use Arches Cold Press Paper 300lb & 140lb


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