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Guy Magallanes 4 day workshop for the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society May 2020

We worked 3 different images within a 4 day workshop. I choreographed the images so that while we waited for one to dry, we worked on the next image.

My images are posted first. I've posted the students images by the end of each day. Enjoy.

Day One
Susan Butler Graham day 1 Succulent.jpg
Chaitanya Alli day 1 Succulent.jpg
Margaret Inokuma day 1 Succulent.jpg
Edna Acri Day 1 Succulent.jpg
Christine Olver day 1 succlulent.jpg
Margaret Inokuma day 1 Bee.jpg
Margaret Inokuma day 1 Red Rose.jpg
Laura Roberts day 1 Red Rose.jpg
Eileen Kutnick day 1 Red Rose.jpg
Day Two
Vicki Wilson day 2 succulent.jpg
MaryAnn McDonald day 2 succulent.jpg
Martha Bredwell day 2 succulent.jpg
Margaret Inokuma day 2 succulent.jpg
Lois Stevens day 2 Succulent.jpg
Christine Oliver day 2 Succulent.jpg
Eileen Kutnick day 2 Succulent.jpg
Jane Paulson day 2 Succulent.jpg
Chaitanya Alli day2 Red Rose.jpg
Michele Paris Seubert day 2 Red Rose.jpg
Day Three
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