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Paint this image with  4 colors!


"Hydrangea" Photo Reference Cropped


"Hydrangea" Photo Before Cropping

After you've painted the lesson take a picture of your image and email it to me so I can give you some guidance on the following week's Zoom Class.
It needs to be sent by 5pm Thursday to be included in the class critique.

Guided Step by Step Class

Paint this guided project via YouTube Live.

$100 payable to 
Guy Magallanes

620 Taylor Way #2

San Carlos, CA 94070

"Hydrangea" Project

Paint this project at your leisure or LIVE

Zoom starts at 9am Friday June 4, 2021
and every Friday until finished.

You Don't have to be "Present" to paint this project, you can paint this whenever you want.

You will receive a Dropbox folder containing a printable photo reference and line drawing for this project.

The Zoom Class starts at 9am PT - So you can watch LIVE and ask questions. When the critique and Q&A are finished - we switch to YouTube Live. When we switch to YouTube Live - I'll paint until Noon.
Both sessions are recorded and you will receive the links to view them the same day.


You may replay the YouTube videos whenever you want.

List of Materials:

I'll be using a 1/4 sheet of Arches 300lb cold Pressed Paper.

Colors Needed:

Winsor & Newton
Transparent Yellow

Permanent Rose

Indanthrene Blue


Thalo Blue

Brushes Needed:

KingArt Max Round, Original Gold Series 9020

My favorite brushes & inexpensive

12, 6 (4 of the #12 rounds - one each for Yellow, Reds, Blues/Greens and one for water)

To order online go to:

Rosemary & Co

12 or 14 Red Sable Blend Series 402

To order online go to:

Scrubber Brush 1/8 Connoisseur Taklon Scrubber 066

#2 & #4 Winsor & Newton Regency Gold Series 502

Additional Materials Needed:

Mechanical Pencil

Red Ball Point Pen

Graphite paper NO WAX I use Sally's SARAL

Kneadable Eraser

Water Container

Palette for Colors or cups, or dishes

Viva Paper Towels

Plain Kleenes Facial Tissues

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