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Guy Magallanes 2 day Online Watercolor Workshop 
Peahen & Peacock
February 27-28th 10am - 3:30pm Pacific Time

Learn the Foundation of Watercolor -

We've all heard that watercolor is hard to learn, and unforgiving,
but that's simply not true!

Learn through your own experience how to enjoy this challenging medium by learning how to handle watercolors through easy to understand exercises, and then apply those exercises in a guided floral image to a finished painting.

Join to learn Online or learn in Person

If you decide to come in person you have another choice -

Bring your own materials or pay an additional $50 and get all the materials you'll need for the workshop.

Learn from all my guided demo's through YouTube Live.

And we'll have online Questions & Answers and critiques for you to participate in through a daily Zoom Class.

When you sign up I'll send all the information you'll need to create the exercise, a photo reference, and line drawing for the painting.

Whether you're participating in person or online, you'll have the links to the YouTube sessions to replay the entire workshop, so you can paint at your convenience.

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